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There is a disorganization that comes along with Tumblr in the aspect of roleplay. I don’t, personally, see how anyone could play on here. Invisionfree offers such a great, diverse format that I’m excited to use. Also, we’ve been up for two days and already have thirty followers so I’m hoping at least some of you are familiar with boards. For both visual and organizational reasons. But, to each their own. This particular game will be played on Invisionfree. For those who aren’t familiar with that format or perhaps aren’t interested in it, so be it. It’s not for everyone.

What’s going to happen is: When we release the site, you’ll be able to submit an application for one of the fifteen teens/students mentioned in the synopsis. We will only be accepting applications for those fifteen at that time. After which, if you’re accepted, you will then have to make your claims and then be able to start developing your character’s nightmare. While the group as a whole has an overall path, each character within the story has the ability to design their own special hell according to their backgrounds and what frightens them (or you.) Your storyline may be inspired or a continuation of a plot in the franchise, however, your character must be 100% original. Once you’ve made your claims, you’ll create a character journal and post ads for characters that you’ll want to include in your journey in Silent Hill. (This could be townies that your character might run into, members of The Order, family members, other wanderers, etc.) Once all fifteen spots are filled and everyone has processed, then we’ll allow other applications for the aforementioned.

I’m waiting until late October (or early November at the latest) to open because of the depth of this project. Also, I’m hoping to garner more interest before I bite the bullet. This is admittedly my first Invisionfree site and I’m a perfectionist at the very least. With that said though, quite a bit of the site is finished.

Though this may be off-putting to some, there is an anonymity and diversity that models offer that I believe is needed for this particular storyline. The faces chosen for the non-playable canons (Alessa, Dahlia, Claudia, James, Henry, etc.) will be given out before the site opening to give those of you who have never worked with model playbys some inspiration. We are currently open for face claims. Remember that we are accepting applications for one of the fifteen students first. Therefore, your face must be between the ages of thirteen to eighteen.

Models who either come from runway or editorial work are the most acceptable. There are hundreds of thousands of them. You can try looking through some of the show packages on for inspiration or you can go here: They specialize in helping people find great model pbs.

Will the plot be slightly more teen-geared than Silent Hill usually is and/or will there be playable characters other than the bus of teens (cultists, strange townies, people also trapped/helping, etc.)?
My reasoning behind the initial plot being teen-friendly was of the realization that most roleplayers are teenagers or in their early twenties and I wanted to start with something that was much more accessible to them. My goal is to start with a basic idea, that fifteen kids get stuck in Silent Hill. From there, I would encourage each player to design their own nightmare whether it be inspired by the non-playable canons that will be given detailed descriptions in a specified section of the forum or from their own imagination. (As we know, no one enters Silent Hill without reason.) Each player of the fifteen students will be allowed to advertise for x amount of characters (cultists, strange townies, other people who may be trapped, etc.) that will help form their respective plotlines. If the quota for students is filled rather quickly, I’ll open up the forum and perhaps revive a few key canons if I deem necessary. Hopefully that made sense. Right now I just want to start with something basic until I can garner more interest.

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